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Product Registration in Dubai

Product Registration in Dubai

Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

The main objective of Product Registration in Dubai Municipality is consumer safety; this process authorizes the CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section) to fold enough information to assess the safety of products. It is mandatory to highlight that no consumer product will be manufactured, imported, exported, displayed, sold or distributed in Dubai without registration in accordance with the Dubai Municipality regulation.

Why Product Registration in UAE is Important?

  • All Consumer Products Registration Dubai is mandatory before distributing it in the UAE.
  • A Company wants to import or manufacture product registration in the UAE must register each product. The Registration will be done in the Local Municipality in each emirate.
  • The product must comply with the health & safety specifications highlighted in CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section).
  • The Product label must have information about ingredients, Expiry Date, Price and Uses direction, etc.
  • In this process, the authority may ask for a laboratory test to verify the specified ingredients.

How to Register a Product with Dubai Municipality

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Dubai has established itself as a global hub for international trade and investment. With a productive and diversified marketplace, Dubai contributes a unique business environment for best business setup in Dubai that sets it apart from other places. By Dubai law, for quality tests and maintenance of standard, it is mandatory to register each and every product before it is launched to the UAE business or marketplace.

What is meant by Product Registration?

Product registration is the method of enlisting or enrolling the products with the Dubai Municipality. The government of Dubai regulates the manufacturing, sale, import, and export of products and requires all products that need to be checked or registered before being introduced in the Dubai business or marketplace.

Each and every business needs to understand that every product they produce, import, export, promote, sell or distribute in Dubai has to be registered by the Dubai Municipality regulation.

Why Product Registration Is Necessary For Dubai, UAE?

  • To ensure the security of customers and keep the quality of the product at its best.
  • To regulate the trade of fake and harmful products in the Dubai market.

An analysis was attended by Dubai Municipality in that they found toxic chemicals which were used in various cosmetics. Other harmful chemicals such as alcohol, mercury, and hydrogen peroxide were also found in the products. As a result of this, these products were banned as they are unsafe to use to the people.

Dubai Municipality investigates by random testing of products in collaboration with businesses, factories, and distributors thereby controlling the entry of such products in the market.

Why Business Registration is important in Dubai?

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The Registration Regulation in Dubai

The Dubai Government regulates the production, sale, and import of products, however, products need to be registered earlier to the launch in the Dubai business; and making it mandatory for individuals performing activities related to products be permitted in Dubai.


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